Hello, My dear friends. As each of us know the world renown Sbrub game has been released to the public and each of us knows what this means. Houndreds and hundreds of sessions are in motion some of these sessions will make it through the trials directed at each one of its respective players eventually leading to the reward: A new planet to call home and the others, well... let's just say that its not a basket full of rainbows and sprinkles. This particular session takes place in the Motor City! The twelve kids apart of this session will fight for survival! To meet up with their comrades and to hopefullly create a new world to call home.

The KidsEdit

Pyra Hayden

Daja Serres

Leon Camelot

Isis Pearsy

Gene Gallier

Dany Kodak

Olaf Lyebeck

Adam Huxley


West Hayden

Devi Serres

Lona Camelot

Maya Pearsy

Char Gallier

Noah Turner

Odin Lyebeck

Grey Huxley

The TrollsEdit


Rinofe Womura

Paloma Endima

Raffin Moires

Iisaac Lepido

Hermes Zuesia

Kenbar Beinks

Medika Rosmar



Irapau Womura

Bijoux Endima

Kerosh Moires

Atacus Lepido

Tenbey Beinks

Xerisa Rosmar

Aeshna Anisph