Charlemagne Tegan Gallier


Page of Dreams


17. Birthdate is October 20, 1995

Screen Name

taciturnEssence, later avianLinguist

Typing Style

Types with regular grammar and syntax. Capitalizes names and the beginning of sentences, uses punctuation. Uses onomatopoeia. (Types in brackets when "whispering") and in ALL CAPS WHEN YELLING. Uses extra punctuation for emphasis!!!

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Shelf Modus


West Hayden- ectobiological brother Pyra Hayden- ectobiological mother Gene Gallier- adoptive grandfather, ectobiological father MOM- adoptive mother Ally- adoptive sister

Live(s) in

Large suburban-area home on the edge of Dodge Brother’s State Park that serves as the Galliers' home and a Bed and Breakfast


Land of Dusk and Virtue

Canon Relationships


charlemagne gallier

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